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Hey guys.

Stephen here.

Quick story on how I got started...

In 2008, I was unemployed and completely scraping by.

That's how I found internet marketing. After 6 months of 60-80 hour weeks I FINALLY found success.

But I never had a 'shortcut' like the one you see in front of you because I couldn't afford anything. I couldn't even afford to pay my bills on what unemployment was giving me.

Now to my own surprise... I'm a 7 figure marketer, and...

You're about to learn all the stuff that I figured out that FINALLY made me successful...

WITHOUT having to spend the 60-80 hour weeks.

And without having to spend a ton of TIME and money.

After all, time is something we're all lacking. Fortunately for me in 2008, I was able to put in those 80 hour weeks... but most people are NOT able to do that. So thankfully for you, THIS is your shortcut.

This is your path to freedom and success learning ALL the lessons that I had to learn in those long weeks back in 2008.

Literally everything you need is in this step-by-step training.

With these PROVEN and TESTED insider secrets, you simply cannot lose.

"$200 to $300/days are super COMMON with this system..."

All we ask is that you follow our simple steps that we outline for you.

If you can do that, then there's no doubt in our minds that you will absolutely crush it online.

Whether you have a list, no list, or even any prior experience, everything is covered from the ground up to make you successful and get you to 4-5 figures/mo online...

Introducing... Secret Affiliate Intel
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This system is exactly what we'd do if we were about to be on the streets… or if we just wanted to free ourselves from a 9 to 5 job.

Because it brings in results like THIS...

Without this system that PayPal balance would be ZERO instead of $48,000+.

Imagine if you had just 10% of that PayPal balance.

Just $4,800.

What would that do for you and your life right now? And...

Imagine if you were making just $4,800 per month online...

Would that help your current situation at all?

Our guess is it would...
And that's why we wanted to put this powerful Affiliate Workshop+Coaching together.

...so that you too might be able to see a massive increase in your PayPal balance. Once and for ALL.

What's this about exactly guys?

Obviously we can't give away the farm here or else these 'Insider Intel' strategies would lose their effectiveness... but what we can say is:

This has nothing to do with CPA marketing.

Nothing to do with Facebook.

Nothing to do with YouTube or video marketing.

Nothing to do with SEO.

Some of the stuff that we reveal in this 4-5 figure/mo Affiliate system you’ve probably heard of before… But…

With our unique 'Affiliate Secrets' and twists and systems, we're confident that you’ve NEVER seen this before…

Honestly getting to 3k/mo is so easy with this proven system…

Virtually anyone (even a complete newcomer, no matter their experience or skill level) can now go from ZERO to big profits, fast.

All they gotta do is follow the simple steps that we are laying out in this Workshop+Coaching.

Most other marketers make you wait months to see any kind of results.

Their training is slow and the results are slow …but not here.

We realize most of you want results YESTERDAY...

And that’s why we built this and mapped it out in such a way so that you can start getting some amazing results as soon as TOMORROW.

No need to wait months and months like other programs out there …

Seriously within just a day or two, you’ll be shocked at how much income can be flowing into your PayPal account.

...similar to this 48k paypal balance of ours:

No petty commissions here and there. This is the REAL deal.

…This is the kind of income that can finally have you saying “adios” to your boss…

It's so easy 3k/mo, 5k/mo or even 10k/mo when you have the right system…

Normally, coaching with people that have our background would cost $5k to $10k.

In fact, Stephen charges $5k for most of the stuff you're gonna learn in the course. But we are just two normal dudes. And we're sick of the scammy IM scene. So we're giving you this opportunity so that you can get training from two of the top IM'ers in the space that's already PROVEN to work.

We've had students that were complete NEWBIES take our strategies and get amazing results... just like the results you've seen all over this page.

And a quick word of warning.. this is not for those that can't follow simple instructions.

This is for those that are SERIOUS about getting to 4-5 figures/mo online...

And don't take our word for it that this stuff works...

And another...


Ok ok guys... What is EVERYTHING I'm getting with Secret Affiliate Intel?

Here’s a sneak peek of exactly what’s inside:

And to REALLY transform you into a
4-figure/day affiliate, you're also getting instant access to these powerful bonuses...

As you can see, this training is 100% geared to getting you ridiculously fast profits so that you can quickly recoup your investment.

And there are no surprises (OTOs or upsells) on the other side.
Just this main product is all you need to easily get to 4-5 figures/mo online.

And we're not done yet...

We also want to give you...

The 'Secret Affiliate Intel'
POWER Sessions w/Stephen & Spencer
(VALUE: $997)

These Power Sessions are chalk-full of strategies that will transform you into a SUPER affiliate.

You can easily skyrocket to 4-5 figures/mo online by following what we share on these sessions.

These Power Sessions alone are easily valued at $997.

Note: This $200 OFF special will never be offered again.

And remember this is only for you guys (our awesome LPE customers).

Everyone else will be paying 497 and 997 to get access to this Workshop+Coaching.

So 297 is an absolute steal…

You’ll never see it this low again. I can promise you that.

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If you decide to put this off, chances are you'll continue to be lost, still jumping from product to product, wasting more money and not seeing any results.

This is legitimate training from two "real" successful internet marketers. Both who have done 7 figures online. But don't take our word for it, just look at all the testimonials on this page.

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Yes this is a bit of pressure we're putting on you... but pressure creates DIAMONDS after all. And we want you to become the next 'Diamond success story' that comes from this exclusive group.

We're super confident you will love this unique system and make a TON of money with it…

Iron Clad, No Questions Asked,
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy just shoot us a quick email and we'll refund you. If you go thru the full training, and actually believe you didn’t receive $297 worth of value, there’s nothing more to say to you other than… “it is best we part ways”.

We stand behind this "Secret Intel" 100% and we expect you to stand with us.

And speaking of guarantees…

We can guarantee that if you do nothing today and you keep doing the same thing you’re doing, chances are you’ll keep getting the same result.

Spencer has personally made over $1.7M online.

And he's been doing this for 6+ years now, full-time.

Spencer has done 30,224 TOTAL sales
at just one platform alone...

And another 27,000+ sales at another platform...

And 24,000+ sales from Stephen, with $362k in revenue from just ONE of his accounts...

So you're not learning from wannabe marketers here.

You’d be learning (and getting mentored) from coaches that are in the trenches and who can actually take you to 4-5 figures/mo and higher.

We really want to see you break out of a rut and have BIG success with this simple system.

So grab the $200 off discount before the 30 spots are gone.

And let’s help get you to 4-5 figures/mo ASAP.

-Stephen & Spencer

PS - Ask yourself this for a moment: "Do I really want to continue jumping from shiny object to shiny object... or do I want to finally breakthrough and follow the simple steps of a PROVEN system that brings in 4-figure paydays with EASE."

I mean, just look at all the testimonials. And most of these people had to pay $5k to get this stuff! And they weren't out that $5k for long might we add... they made that back VERY quickly. These people know firsthand how well this stuff works. And it will work for you too. You don't need anything but the ability to follow some super SIMPLE instructions.

"Almost up to $100 Day!" -Eric L.

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